How much does it cost to play?

There is no "buy in" or cash cost to play in either nightly or regional tournaments.  This is league poker where we play for points that accumulate over each quarter.  Each location offers a different nightly prize for First Place that usually consists of a Gift Card for their establishment.  It is a great way to meet people and learn the game without the risk of MONEY like one has in a Casino.


What can I win?

For the nightly games, each venue will give away gift cards or gift certificates for their particular location.  Sometimes there is additional prizes like hats, chip sets, or other swag as available.  Each time you play you will accumulate points.  For just participating everyone receives 5 points.  For those making it to the final table a higher point total is awarded depending upon where you finish in the TOP 8.  Once a quarter we hold a regional tournament for the TOP 300 point earners.  The TOP Point Earner for the quarter receives a prize.  At the Regional Tournament the FINAL TABLE will all receive a prize.  This can include but is not limited too or guaranteed to be a Tunica trip including buy in to a tourney, hotel and food certificates,  poker tables, poker chip sets, Digital Cameras, IPODs, televisions, various other poker paraphernalia, venue gift certificates, certificates and gift cards from various businesses  in the Nashville area.  Just to name a few possibilities.


Do I have to already know how to play?

The Elite Poker league welcomes all levels of players.  Whether you are  new to the game, an experienced home game enthusiast or an ONLINE aficionado....there is room for everyone at the POKER TABLE in this league.  Players are friendly and Hosts will be happy to answer your questions or even better partner you with a more experienced player if you so desire to help you get started the first time around.  Don't let anything hold you back.  Join us for a game.  Check out the "Where we play" tab and find a game near you.  We hope to see you soon.




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